Review of Love + Pain Single by Clor


Clor - Love + Pain - Single Review

Clor - Love + Pain - Single Review

Love + Pain

( 25/04/05 EMI)

Oxymoronically titled electro varnished indie tingles the senses, as Clor grasp your imagination with their Duran Duran crashing into guitar rock and come out the other side unscarred. ‘Love + Pain’ features catchy lyrics that have made bands like The Killers bigger than reality television;

“I was in love, but that was yesterday,

now I’m in pain and it’s here to stay.

I was the bird that buzzed the bees and stole the honey.”

The slow almost laid back, yearning, provocative and a little raw story-telling vocals of Barry Dobbin provides the B-side ‘Tough Love’ with a safe and comforting beginning akin to the eerie and slow climb up the slope of a rollercoaster. Then therampaging beats kick in like four shots of tequila, to leave you feeling invincible by the end. A slow and maudlin acoustic led conclusion that is ‘You’ll Change’ brings you slowly back down to earth. Clor has it what takes to grab hold of the nation’s attention and not let go.

David Adair