British movie star Clive Owen is disturbed when the paparazzi take pictures of his young children - and insists this invasion of privacy should be made illegal.

The hunky CLOSER actor is outraged when aggressive snappers descend on his family - and although he knows he has to put up with it as a celebrity, he is desperate to protect his kids from the frightening onslaught.

He tells COSMOPOLITAN magazine, "I'd love it to be made illegal. When you're walking along the street with a five-year-old girl and a guy runs up and very aggressively starts taking pictures, it's very frightening for the little one.

"You get very instinctively protective when children are involved. I'm fair game - I have to deal with anything that happens out there.

"But there's something very unsettling when it comes to children."

22/05/2005 20:55