British actor Clive Owen is set to play legendary adventurer SIR WALTER RALEIGH in a big-budget sequel to the 1998 box office smash ELIZABETH.

The 40-year-old screen hunk will work alongside Cate Blanchett, who will once again grace the throne as QUEEN ELIZABETH I in ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE.

And the movie is expected to be a sensational take on the chemistry between the so-called Virgin Queen's and Raleigh - suggesting the redhead monarch was madly in love with the gallant courtier.

But experts are concerned movie moguls are attempting to re-write history, as there is no proof the pair were ever intimate.

JANE DUNN, who wrote the acclaimed biography ELIZABETH AND MARY, says, "I fear that they will try and sex things up.

"There is no evidence that she slept with any man."

19/06/2005 14:01