Actor Clive Owen nearly turned down his latest film role opposite Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington, because he spends most of the movie behind a mask. The DERAILED star had doubts about accepting his role in INSIDE MAN, but eventually decided join the cast of the bank heist film because it would push the boundaries of his acting ability. He explains, "I really had to think about it (accepting the part). "An actor uses their face to express themselves, that's how you do a performance and to have all of that taken away. It's strange. "It was a very weird experience, because once we go inside the bank, I'm masked for pretty much the rest of the movie. "You've got these fantastic scenes with people like Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster and you've got the mask on. "It's very weird for them to act with as well, because they can't see the eyes. It was odd."