Movie star Clive Owen fell in love with Madrid's food and wine culture while he was shooting his new movie Intruders in the Spanish capital.
The British actor admits he now returns to the city whenever he can, just to satisfy his new-found appreciation of the best things in life.
Owen tells, "The food was fantastic. That was the biggest culture shock. I've been back to Madrid maybe eight times since finishing this film, and I have to be honest; it's primarily to eat!
"The food in that town is so good and the whole crew, they really knew how to live... All they wanted to talk about was food and wine all day - 'Where did you eat last night? What did you eat? What wine did you have with it?' They were all complete foodies, and I'm a bit of a foodie, so I loved working with a Spanish crew.
"I learned an awful lot about Spanish wine, as everybody seemed to know everything about wine; I was getting recommendations every day. I found it a very alive set, very energised and a really good time. I met some very good friends there during the making of the film that I've kept in touch with.
"My family came and hung out as well, so they got to know it well. I really did generally fall in love with the place. It's such a great way of life there. They've got the important things right like family, food, and having a good time."