British movie star Clive Owen has been offered $5 (GBP2.80) to play James Bond.

The CROUPIER star, who is a favourite to take over the 007 role from Pierce Brosnan, was offered the cash prior to his appearance on this morning's (07JUL04) Good Morning America breakfast show, where he was promoting his new movie KING ARTHUR.

When asked if he was interested in the soon-to-be vacated Bond role, Owen smiled, pulled out an envelope from his pocket, and said, "The person who did your pre-interview with me on the phone left me this morning. I've been offered the part. It's a cash offer; $5 and I'm thinking about it."

Owen admitted that there's no truth in reports he's set to play the next 007.

He added, "It's all rumour. It's all complete media speculation. There's no foundation to it whatsoever."

07/07/2004 20:51