Clive Davis is ''feeling keenly'' the loss of Whitney Houston.

The late singer's mentor is still mourning the loss of the 'I Will Always Love You' hitmaker, who passed away one year ago on the same day as his annual pre-Grammy Awards party, where she was meant to be the star attraction.

The grief-stricken music manager told People magazine he was ''feeling keenly the loss'' of his protégée, but intends to honour the music icon with a tribute at his annual party this weekend.

He said he is ''going to do something to remind everybody that her talent lived among us and in so many people''.

Although Clive didn't disclose exactly what the tribute might entail, he offered: ''It's a different kind of opening. The opening has never been done before, with the kind of music that's unprecedented.''

The 'I Have Nothing' songstress will also be the subject of a documentary, which airs on US TV on Saturday (09.02.13), and Clive believes the special is a ''glittering'' testimony to her legacy.

He said: ''I wanted her special to be meaningful and touching. I wanted everyone to remember why she was the greatest in her generation. I'm a great believer in carrying the torch and making sure that her legacy is as glittering as it should be. I'm very involved in that, emotionally and musically.''