Best-selling author Clive Cussler is suing the billionaire movie producer of Penelope Cruz's latest movie for refusing to give him screenplay approval.

The SAHARA writer is taking legal action against oil magnate PHILIP ANSCHUTZ's BRISTOL BAY PRODUCTIONS over the $130 million ($247 million) film version for failing to consult him on the script as stipulated in his contract, reports Fox News correspondent Roger Friedman.

A Bristol Bay Productions spokesperson tells gossip website, PAGESIX.COM, "Clive Cussler's lawsuit is completely groundless.

"He was heavily involved in developing the film Sahara, approving actors, working with screenwriters, personally revising scripts.

"He got everything he was entitled to and more. We wish he had not abandoned the project.

"But DIRK PITT (Matthew Mcconaughey) fans - including Mr. Cussler - are going to be excited when they see the movie."

The trial is set to start this Spring after the film's release in April (05).

16/02/2005 17:42