The 83-year-old passed away in her sleep, according to a post on her Facebook page.

Born in Oklahoma, Edwards appeared in over 100 episodes of The Waltons, making her debut during the show's third season as Corabeth Walton Godsey, the bossy wife of shopkeeper Ike Godsey, played by Joe Conley, and the cousin of John, portrayed by Ralph Waite.

Edwards, who didn't begin her acting career until she was 30 years old, also made cameos on U.S. TV series such as Dallas, Dynasty, Boone, Sara, Designing Women, and Murder, She Wrote, among others.

She also appeared on the big screen in movies such as Nobody's Fool and Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool.

Edwards also wrote about her time on The Waltons in the memoirs The Knife Thrower's Assistant and Mr. Godsey Asked Me to Marry Him and I Said: "Yes!": (Exit Sobbing).