Clint Eastwood has fired off at PRESIDENT George W Bush for his attempts to take charge in Iraq, insisting he should have simply looked for a "less mean" dictator to replace Saddam Hussein. The actor/director tackles war issues in the current issue of American publication Entertainment Weekly, and admits he would have handled the Middle East crisis very differently - and more simply. He says, "My druthers would have been, 'Get a more benevolent dictator and stick him in. You know, try somebody a little less mean.' "(You) don't go in there and fire the army. The army's got to do something. When you fire 'em, you leave them all unemployed. Worst thing in the world. "Just get somebody else who they respect and bring him on your side. That's one way of doing it." Eastwood also takes aim at the US soldiers who posed with Iraqi torture victims at Abu Ghraib prison for a series of ill-advised snapshots, admitting he doesn't know how the troops found time for high jinks. He adds, "Have Americans got that little to do in the war that they could do that?"