Clint Eastwood finds it ''relaxing'' when he's not directing a film.

The legendary actor-and-director stars in new movie 'Trouble with the Curve' and he admits it was a great experience because he didn't have as much to worry about and could just be told what he had to do.

He said: ''I had to make no adjustments, at all. I've always maintained that there's more than one way of doing things. A lot of people come up with ideas and, maybe out of a dozen of them, three or four of them are really great. So, I just put it in my mind that somebody else has got to pilot the ship. That's all. And it's actually quite relaxing because I can just sit back. When everyone else was working, I was practicing putting. It was a great, relaxing thing, and I probably won't do both again, at least for the moment. But, I said I wasn't going to act again, a few years ago, and that changed, too. Sometimes you just lie a lot.''

In the film, Clint is directed by his producing partner Robert Lorenz and he says he was very impressed with the job he did.

He told ''I had to listen to everything he said. Actually, he did a terrific job, I thought. Rob was making noises about wanting to direct, for some years now. When this property came along, it was one that I wanted to do. After 'Gran Torino', I thought, 'This is stupid, to be doing both jobs.' I've only been doing it for 40-some years. Maybe I should just do one or the other and allow myself a little bit of a comfort zone. So, this was an opportunity for that, and he stepped right in and took over.''