Clint Eastwood's son insists he lives ''a very simple life.''

Scott Eastwood doesn't think he will fall victim to Hollywood, as he says he has no interest in becoming a party boy.

The 28-year-old actor, who lives in San Diego, California, told the 'Today' show today (02.09.14): ''I live a very simple life. I live away from all the Hollywood hype and I try to keep it that way.''

The 'Fury' star, who was born in Carmel, California and grew up in Hawaii, also credits his 84-year-old Oscar-winning father for helping him to stay grounded and focus on his acting career.

He said: ''He didn't care what I did. He didn't care if I was a plumber or if I was an actor. He said, 'Whatever you do just do it well. Just be humble about [what you do], and be a good guy and tell the truth.'

''We grew up in an area where men were sort of men and I can't thank him enough for teaching me just to go out there. He didn't care what I did.''

But Scott admits he learned a lot from Clint, as he often visited him on set when he was a child.

The 'Walk of Fame' star said: ''It was great to see the master at work and be a part of it. I think when I was in high school, maybe I was a little too cool for it or maybe girls were more important, I don't know. But then I realised 'This is a great life - I want to do this. So I better figure it out.' ''