Clint Eastwood is not a fan of 3-D movies.

The 80-year-old actor and director believes 3-D - which requires cinemagoers to wear glasses to be able to see a film in three dimensional space - does have a place in the movie world but he has never found reason to use it in one of his films.

The 'Hereafter' filmmaker said: "I've lived through phases of 3-D at various times and it has come into popularity and left again.

"There's always going to be different stories and I think 3-D would be an interesting way to make a film. I haven't found a project that would lend itself to that. It could be distracting in certain types of subject matter."

However, Clint does believe it is important to embrace new types of films, as he has done by working on different genres for the last decade.

He told Total Film magazine: "Most people making films are trying to do new things.

"I could have been satisfied to stick with the genres I became known for. In the last decade I've been doing different films."