What could be more Christmassy than Sir Cliff Richard's annual assault on the pop charts?

The ageing singer is the only artist to have ever succeeded in fighting his way to the top of the pops in five decades running, beginning with Living Doll in 1959.

Plucky Sir Cliff, who has also triumphed with perennial classic Mistletoe and Wine (1988) and With the Eyes of a Child (1969), only managed to make it to number five with his latest effort, Santa's List, in 2003.

Now he has released 21st Century Christmas, a song which brings the festive tradition painfully back up to date.

The song's lyrics tortuously work their way through modern inventions, including mobile phones, DVDs, fax machines, satellites and microwaves, before happily concluding that peace on earth is really all we need after all.

Sadly for Sir Cliff, he may miss out this year because of extensive competition from other, slightly newer artists.

The X Factor winner is announced tonight.

16/12/2006 17:40:03