LATEST: Veteran singer SIR Cliff Richard is sending Champagne and flowers to British DJ TONY BLACKBURN, after the record-spinner got him reinstated on a radio station playlist.

The DEVIL WOMAN singer was delighted to hear rebel Tony had flouted CLASSIC GOLD's policy of keeping him off their playlists, reinvigorating interest in Cliff's legendary hits.

And now Blackburn - who was temporarily suspended from his job following the incident - is back on air, Sir Cliff has promised to reward him with some lavish gifts.

Sir Cliff exclaims, "I'm thrilled really. I had given up being worried about it three or four years ago.

"I tried to talk my way on to playlists but it didn't work and I didn't understand why - I had done nothing wrong to be banned in this way.

"Now Tony had taken up the cudgel, I thought, great. Golden stations are playing ancient music anyway so they may as well play me - I am ancient.

"He was always a good DJ anyway and it fascinates me that he decided to take up my case."

25/06/2004 02:10