Ageing pop star Sir Cliff Richard has urged the likes of Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to study Olivia Newton-John in her heyday for tips on how to appear sensual and sexy without taking their clothes off.

Like many, the Christian singer was stunned by images of 20-year-old Cyrus stripped down and gyrating suggestively at the MTV Video Music Awards last month (Aug13), minutes after Lady Gaga had exposed her bottom in a barely-there thong bikini, and he feels both pop stars and their provocative peers need to take a lesson in subtlety from his old pal.

In an exclusive interview with Phillip Silverstone on 860AM WWDB Radio Philadelphia Talk Radio, The Devil Woman hitmaker says, "If somebody asks me about some of the female performers, who shall remain nameless, I say, 'I find that sometimes you can be sexual but I am far more impressed by someone who is sensual'.

"There's a way of being sensual, which is part of life, and then there's the stripping off thing and letting your boobs hang out... It doesn't do anything to me. The sensuality is what is the turn on. Olivia with all her clothes on is far more sexy than most women, because she's beautiful."