Sir Cliff Richard thinks it would be ''great'' to perform at Glastonbury Festival.

The 75-year-old music legend has admitted if he was approached to headline at the annual music extravaganza, which takes place in Somerset, England, he would ''seriously'' think about it, and would plan a tour to start before or end after the gig.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about the potential gig, the 'Devil Woman' hitmaker, who is set to perform a series of outdoor concerts next year, said: ''They are like festival shows; open air concerts.

''We're doing two in Denmark, one in Ireland and nine in Britain.

''If they invited me to Glastonbury I would seriously think about doing it. Then I'd either plan a tour to start there or end there. It would be great.''

However, the 'Summer Holiday' actor has revealed he wouldn't want to camp because he doesn't like to get dirty and covered in mud.

He explained: ''Camping's not for me. I'm too old for that - I wouldn't want to get dirty.''

Although the veteran musician has admitted he has ''admiration'' for all of the concert-goers who embrace the weather conditions and the lack of showers and washing facilities to watch the acts regardless of who is performing.

He said: ''I have admiration for all those folk that go. Apparently there have only been seven years when it didn't rain.

''They seem to have great fun all sloshing about in the mud. It doesn't even matter what bands are there - although they love their bands - it could be anybody playing.

''They're just there having a good time. It's wonderful to see.''

Meanwhile, the singer songwriter has revealed he has no plans of retiring from the music industry any time soon.

Speaking previously, Cliff said: ''It's important not to give in to age. It's just a state of mind. You need to keep your state of mind clear.

''Retirement is not in my vocabulary. It's too easy for us to think, 'Oh, I'm 76, I can't be seen doing that'. That's wrong, just wear what you're going to wear. Be what you are going to be.''