Sir Cliff Richard has released his first calendar since he won his court case against the BBC.

The 'Devil Woman' singer was awarded £210,000 in damages in his privacy case against the broadcaster earlier this year after they aired a police raid on his home in Sunningdale, Berkshire, South East England, in August 2014, following false allegations of historic sex abuse.

But, although it's been a ''traumatic'' time for him since the allegations surfaced in 2014, he's decided to get himself back out there in the public eye and his latest release looks set to be a success.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's been a tough few years for Sir Cliff but he is back to his best and his latest calendar is expected to race to the top of the charts as his fans rally around him.''

The 77-year-old star previously revealed that shops had refused to sell his calendars and sent them back to him after the historic allegations surfaced four years ago.

He said: ''They sent it [the calendars] back.

''All of this disruption caused me unbelievable hurt and pain. It felt like torture.''

However, after his fans rallied around him when he won the court case against the BBC, Cliff has put a lot of effort into his calendar to ensure his supporters ''won't be disappointed with this year's A3 format official calendar featuring a collection of stunning images of this pop icon favourite''.

The 12 images were taken by calendar makers Danilo and show Cliff on stage strumming his guitar.

Meanwhile, Cliff doesn't think he'll ever ''recover'' from being accused of sex abuse.

The 'Ocean Deep' hitmaker - who was never arrested or charged - said: ''It was a disastrous time emotionally, so traumatic I don't think I slept more than two hours at a time for two years.

''It hurt me so much I don't think I can ever recover personally. I'm living my life again and it's all in my past - but when I think of what I tried to build up in my career, I know it's been damaged in places I won't ever go back to.''

And despite being cleared of the allegations, he knows there'll always be people who doubt him.

He explained ''Some people will always believe there's no smoke without fire - to which I can only reply with something someone wrote to me: 'Haven't they heard of smoke machines?' ''