SIR Cliff Richard, Lost star Naveen Andrews and ex-SEX PISTOL STEVE JONES formed the oddest trio in history yesterday (21May07) when the three Brits performed on the rocker's Los Angeles radio show. Jones, an unlikely but longtime fan of Richard, invited the Devil Woman singer on his Jonesy's Jukebox show on California's Indie 103.1 - and impressed the famous Christian singer with his knowledge of Richard's early tunes. Actor Andrews, who has become a close friend of Jones' ever since the rocker-turned-DJ helped him battle alcoholism, joined the odd couple in the studio to jam on a handful of rock 'n' roll favourites. The trio joined forces to perform Richard's Don't Talk To Him and then provided back up as the singer played a live version of his old-time classic Move It. Richard joked, "You guys know these songs better than I do." During a candid interview which accompanied the tunes, Richard talked to Jones about the fact he thought many classic punk tunes sounded like The Who and his Christian beliefs.