SIR Cliff Richard dominated his classmates on the sports field as a young boy - he was his school's most aggressive rugby player.
The British crooner, 67, is now well-known for his mild-mannered stage persona, but as a youngster he was a feisty athlete - scaring his schoolmates with his dominating style of play.
In a new book, Cliff Richard: The Bachelor Boy, former pupil Pete Bush recalls, "He was an absolute madman on the rugby pitch. He would go for you and his whole intention was to get you.
"He was terribly aggressive. He would go in hard. No one wanted to get tackled by Harry Webb, as we knew him in those days. He didn't mind getting dirty."
Brian Cooke, another student at Cheshunt School in England, adds, "He was pretty good at football and rugby. Also, a lot of people don't realise that he was undoubtedly the best scrapper in the school. You didn't play around with him. You wouldn't have gone around picking on him."