Veteran pop star SIR Cliff Richard has criticised the high levels of political correctness in Britain which see Christians desperately trying not to offend other religions.

The 65-year-old, who was born in India, was amazed when officials in UK cities considered renaming their Christmas lights 'Winter lights'.

Richard, who is a Christian, insists religious tolerance is prevalent in Britain, and that Christmas can be enjoyed by all Britons regardless of their faith.

Speaking on last night's (14DEC05) Sky Report on British TV channel Sky News, Richard says, "This whole political correctness thing bugs me like mad. I was so upset when they said they were going to call the lights in London 'Winter lights'.

"I've got friends who are Asian, I wish them Happy Diwali, they wish me Happy Christmas. In fact they enjoy Christmas. And when I've been there and there's Diwali going on I've enjoyed that too, to be honest with you.

"I'm not so sure why they're so upset about the sensitivity of other religions who actually don't mind that we celebrate Christmas."