Veteran British pop star SIR Cliff Richard has launched an award-winning range of wine produced at his vineyard in the Algarve regional of Portugal.

The SUMMER HOLIDAY singer has named the alcoholic drink Vida Nova - meaning 'new life' - because he feels his new profession has boosted the town of Albufeira's economy by attracting a host of wine enthusiasts to the area.

He says, "I didn't set out to be a winemaker - and an award-winning one at that - when I bought my home in Portugal, but I hope I've started something.

"Some guidebooks say the Algave bottles headaches for tourists - so if I've helped kick off interest in the region among wine buffs, that's great.

"It's living-giving; a chance to give something back to a place I've always loved."

The 64-year-old singer joins a host of celebrity winegrowers including Olivia Newton John, Gerard Depardieu and Francis Ford Coppola.