British singer Cliff Richard refuses to talk about politics when he spends time with British Prime Minister Tony Blair because the friends prefer to discuss rock music.

The DEVIL WOMAN hitmaker, who has spent more time on the UK charts than any other band or artist apart from Elvis Presley, regularly entertains Blair and his wife CHERIE and has invited them stay at his Caribbean holiday home.

Speaking on last night's (14DEC05) Sky Report on British TV channel Sky News, Richard says, "I like him as a person, I have to say. I've found him very easy to be with. I've never ever talked politics with him.

"In fact, I'm looking forward to the day when he isn't Prime Minister anymore so that I can actually talk to him properly.

"He likes talking about rock and roll and what I'm doing. Occasionally, he'll say I'm off to what's-it tomorrow and I've got to do this tomorrow or I'm meeting up with somebody.

"And I try not to chase it because I don't want to talk about that with him because I feel that's part of the pressure with his life."