Veteran singer SIR Cliff Richard has lashed out at the British media for their harsh treatment of fellow pop star Daniel Bedingfield.

The CONGRATULATIONS hitmaker, 65, believes Bedingfield will be a long-lasting figure in the British music industry and was disappointed by the press reaction to Bedingfield's last album SECOND FIRST IMPRESSION this year (05).

Richard says, "I think that Daniel Bedingfield is really special. He has a great voice and a great writer who ought to have a long career.

"It annoys me that the music industry is so short-term; I talked to Daniel about it because he had a bit of hiccup with his latest record. I said, 'Look, my first singles went to number one, then number 7, then number 17, and I'm still here.'

"These are just the things that toughen you up as an artist."