The manager of Jet Harris has slammed Sir Cliff Richard for failing to offer financial help to The Shadows star as he battled throat cancer.
The Summer Holiday hitmaker paid tribute to his former bassist after his death on Friday (18Mar11), but Peter Stockton has reportedly branded Sir Cliff a "b**ody hypocrite" following his words of condolence.
Harris' manager accuses the 70 year old of passing up the opportunity to cover bills for his pal's medical treatment and admits he's "very angry" about the apparent snub.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "This man is meant to be a born-again Christian and humanitarian, but he's just a b**ody hypocrite. Cliff was contacted 18 months ago, by a friend of Jet named Audrey, about Jet's cancer.
"She explained that Jet didn't have the necessary funds to get specialist treatment and wondered if Cliff might be able to be of assistance in some way or other. It wasn't a direct request for cash although I suppose the intimation was there... Audrey just got a letter back saying something like, 'I'm sorry to hear about Jet, I suggest that he contact the MACmillan cancer (charity) people for help.' It wasn't even signed by Cliff, but instead by someone in his office, which is absolutely disgusting.
"If Jet had had specialist treatment straight away, there could well have been a different outcome, but he couldn't afford it... though Cliff certainly could. Why didn't Cliff offer Jet something? It was like kicking a man when he's down. I feel very, very angry about the sequence of events. How Cliff can sleep at night is beyond my comprehension."
And Stockton also claims Harris was sad at not being included in The Shadows' 50th anniversary tour in 2009.
He adds, "Jet was very upset and disappointed not to be invited on the 50th anniversary tour. He said to me many times: 'Why can't they just offer me a cameo spot?'."