British DJ TONY BLACKBURN has been suspended from his job at British radio station CLASSIC GOLD - for playing SIR Cliff Richard records.

The veteran personality - who hosts the station's Breakfast Show - was told to keep strictly to the playlist set out for him, but rebelled by playing Richard's hits LIVING DOLL and SUMMER HOLIDAY.

After a tense showdown with boss PAUL BAKER, defiant Blackburn read out a memo sent to him by Baker before tearing it up and playing Cliff hits WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE and DEVIL WOMAN back-to-back. He was then suspended.

His spokesperson says, "Tony wants to play Cliff records and doesn't see why he shouldn't."

Sir Cliff's bemused publicist added, "I can't believe Tony has been suspended for drawing attention to the fact there is a great army of Cliff Richard fans."

Classic Gold's rep retorts, "There are lots of artists not on our playlists. We've been surprised by the response by listeners over this - not about Tony but about Cliff."

24/06/2004 01:58