The 75-year-old star was cleared last month (Jun16) after officials at Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced they would not be bringing a case against him in relation to accusations of sexual abuse made by four men due to lack of evidence.

Cliff, who released his last studio album in 2013, apparently put plans for new music on hold after his home in Berkshire, England was raided by officers from South Yorkshire Police in August 2014, beginning an almost two-year investigation.

Now Cliff's friend, British DJ Mike Read, says the Living Doll singer is set to resume his career by releasing a new album.

"Cliff is going to release his new album this year now that he's cleared his name," he tells British newspaper The Sun. "He's had it on hold for years now throughout this ordeal."

In his first interview after his exoneration Cliff revealed that the distressing legal issues had made him reluctant to embrace his celebrity, but that he did not want to give up performing.

"I did not start my career to have people slander me without me being able to react," he told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper. "I’d rather not be in this business, to be honest. But I don’t want to retire. I want to keep singing."

The star is particularly angry as he feels his reputation was damaged by the way the investigation was played out in public, with the BBC broadcasting the August 2014 raid on his home that began the sexual abuse probe.

As a result he is taking legal action against police officials and BBC bosses, writing in a statement to fans on his website, "It is important not only for me personally but much more widely. My life was effectively turned upside down and my reputation, worldwide, was unnecessarily damaged."