Veteran pop star SIR Cliff Richard has been forced to find new ways to market and sell his new album, following a ban of his music by British radio stations.

Last year (04), a number of UK radio stations refused to play Richard's singles, both past and present, much to the horror of the SUMMER HOLIDAY singer and his loyal fans.

In an interview on tonight's (14DEC05) TV show Sky News Sky Report, Richard admits he initially found it difficult to approach advertising his discs without the radio, but is gradually getting used to alternative methods.

He says, "I was really hurt by it at first. My friends said 'Stop whining about it.' I said, 'I'm not whining, I'm fighting for my career.' Rock 'n' roll, and radio go together and they changed that for me, and I don't know how to bring it back. There's nothing I can do to bring it back.

"I can make the best record in the world, I have just made the best album ever - certainly for the last 20 years - and it's just as good as many albums I hear.

"I have to find other ways of selling it. So, you can have your success without the radio but for me it's a loss, it's a hole in my heart and I won't be able to fill it."