Until last week (beg13Jun16), when officials at Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced they would not be bringing a case against him due to lack of evidence, the Living Doll singer, 75, was facing an investigation into accusations of sexual abuse made by four men against him.

In an interview with Britain's Daily Mail newspaper the star said the stress caused by the police probe, which began in August 2014 after police officers raided his home in Berkshire, England, led him to believe he was "going to die".

And he tells the paper that a number of his famous friends, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and theatre impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber offered him their support in the wake of the allegations.

"Tony actually rang me and said: 'I feel so sorry that this has happened. You have our support, we don’t believe a word of it'," he shared.

"Some of my friends, like Andrew Lloyd Webber, have said: 'Look, if this could happen to you, it could happen to any of us.' And it could. Someone else could be crazy and say something about me, or any of us, and there is nothing we can do about it."

One person he wishes was able to see him exonerated is the late British entertainer Cilla Black, who died in August last year (15).

"It would have been fantastic to share it with her," he said. "We'd have had to have cracked open a bottle, no doubt about it. She would have come in with her high heels on; with Cilla there was always high heels. She was fantastic, so full of life. Cilla would have been great to share this with because she was very much on my side."

After the allegations were made public in 2014, Cilla was on of the first to stridently defend her pal, telling Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "I am absolutely positive that they (the allegations against Cliff) are without foundation."

Cliff was asked by Cilla's sons Robert, Jack and Ben to sing at her funeral last year (15), with the musician delivering an emotional tribute and singing his 2004 song Faithful One.

In the wake of CPS officials declining to bring a case against him, the veteran performer received apologies from officers at South Yorkshire Police, the force investigating him and bosses at the BBC.