Clemence Poesy has been opening up about the Bbc's serial adaptation of the classic Sebastian Faulks novel 'Birdsong,' considering her character Isabelle, commenting "I think Isabelle tries - probably because she lacks something in her life, she's not very happy - to make everything very beautiful. She has a sense of aesthetic."
'Birdsong,' originally came out in 1993 as a novel and saw the story of a young man who moved to pre World War I Amiens in France to study the local textile trade. There he had an affair with Poesy's character Isabelle, the young wife of the man's host. Many years later and as a Captain on the Somme, he finds himself tormented with flashbacks of the affair. Discussing her character further, Poesy said of the affair between the two - lead male role Stephen Wraysford is played by Eddie Remayne - "That kind of passion can all of a sudden make you feel as if you've had no idea who you were for a very long time. Isabelle experiences that, then experiences something else when she decides to go away with someone that she realises she doesn't know at all, once they're on their own and nothing is forbidden anymore."
Redmayne meanwhile teased about the scenes of a sexual nature between the pair that were infamous in Faulks' original book, "We found cunning ways that involved Haribo cherries being stuck on to Clemence's thigh. but I don't want that to ruin the moment!" he joked.