Clemence Poesy says Eddie Redmayne is the ''loveliest guy''.

While the French actress refused to confirm reports she is dating her 'Birdsong' co-star, Clemence did admit they are close but says she felt sorry for him when they were filming because he ''was stuck'' with her.

She said: ''How could you not enjoy working with Eddie? He's the loveliest guy. I felt a bit sorry for him though as when I arrived on set, they'd just finished the war scenes. All the lads had left and he was left with this French girl.''

Celmence also revealed she loves being an actress because she picks up ''random skills''.

The 29-year-old beauty learned how to scuba dive while working on 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' - where she played Fleur Delacour - and cites expanding her repertoire as one of the main benefits of being an actress.

She said: ''Nothing compares to the experience of working on a film the size of 'Harry Potter'. I had to learn to scuba dive for the lake scenes. That's the fun thing about acting - you pick up all these random skills.''