Review of Can't Feel A Thing (10/11/03 Domino Records) Single by Clearlake

Clearlake - Can’t Feel A Thing
Clearlake - Can’t Feel A Thing (10/11/03 Domino Records) - Single Review


Can’t Feel A Thing

(10/11/03 Domino Records)

There is something a little different about this latest offering taken from the well received ‘Cedars’ album, that has drawn comparisons to the likes of Supergrass and inevitably Radiohead. That’s it! It must be the new drummer Toby making his recording debut with the honest Hove based quartet. ‘Can’t Feel A Thing’ is a stomping and howling indie sizzler, that intrigues me as to why it is only the third single to be taken from their much lauded debut album.

Clearlake - Can’t Feel A Thing ( 10/11/03 Domino Records) - Single Review

Singer Jason Pegg really lets loose in the B-side ‘We All Die Alone’ sounding almost like an early days Paul Weller. This is a sombre and reflective, yet at the same time is an uplifting acceptance of the track’s title. Toby seems to have fitted in well to the set up with his pelting drum beats helping the track achieve a neat sound. Things slow down a little in the final track ‘I want To Walk’, which keeps the listener interested right to the end, something that so many singles these days seldom manage.

David Adair

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