Clean Bandit's Grace Chatto gets beaten with tree branches to combat stress.

The 'Rockabye' hitmaker has revealed the unusual style of massage she receives, which originates from Russia where they'd traditionally hit people with oak leaves at saunas called a Banya.

The 31-year-old cellist has now developed an affection for the treatment as she thoroughly enjoys the ''unique sensation'' she experiences from her sessions, which she has regularly to help with the pressures of pop stardom.

Speaking about the unusual remedy, she told Britain's Metro newspaper: ''That's an ancient Russian tradition. They have these hot saunas and then they beat you with birch twigs. It brings the blood to the surface. It's a unique sensation and one that I love.''

The 'Rather Be' hitmaker has been left exhausted after a hectic summer doing festivals, and says she didn't get involved with the production side of the trio's new music video because she's putting her health first.

On why she didn't direct their latest music video for 'I Miss You', which features Julia Michaels, she said: ''I didn't direct or produce this one because I've been a bit tired after the festivals and stuff.''

Meanwhile, Grace revealed that when they were filming a previous music video they had to carry guns with them in case they came into contact with polar bears.

She recalled: ''We once did a video and there were polar bears where we were shooting. We had to carry a gun the whole time.''

The blonde beauty says bandmate Jack Patterson - who is joined by his brother Luke in the group - scared her when he ''wandered off at one point'', but thankfully he hadn't been eaten by one of the carnivorous bears usually found in the Arctic Circle.