Clean Bandit's Grace Chatto barely speaks to former bandmate Neil Milan.

The group's violinist announced he was leaving the group via email to his bandmates in October last year after four years in the chart-topping group, and they've barely seen each other since due to the 'Symphony' group's hectic schedule.

Asked if they are in touch, Grace, 31, exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''No not much. We're just away all the time so I don't really see any of my friends.

''So it's just been so crazy since 'Rockabye' came out actually. We've just been travelling all over.''

Despite Neil leaving the group - also comprised of brothers Jack and Luke Patterson - Grace insists they never contemplated ending the band because they've always had members come and go.

She said: ''No, no. I mean, to be honest, when I started the band 10 years ago there were seven people in it, and gradually everyone was going separate ways.

''Actually, when the first person left in the beginning he was our lead singer and it was at that point that we opened it up to be a kind of collective and so since then there has been so many people involved.

''There has been loads of violinists and loads of singers. Neil and Jack have been there since the beginning so they're a very special part of it, but changes just mean new chapters really, there was never any thought that we might stop.''

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