Clean Bandit have daily group workouts which they think make them a better pop group.

The 'Rather Be' hitmakers always set aside an hour after arriving at the venue for their gigs to get together for a sweaty session.

Grace Chatto said: ''We'll all work out together on the dancefloor. We do that every day - it'a an hour of cardio.''

The cellist had an ambition to fly a plane when she was younger so enrolled in the RAF cadets - but quickly realised it would take a lot of time and work to achieve her dream.

She said: ''I tried to join the RAF cadets at school so I could fly a plane but then I realised you had to do all the other cadet stuff like training before they let you in a plane. Then you're roped in for life.''

Grace can speak both Russian and Italian and though she enjoys spending time in both countries, she isn't always a fan of working in Italy because everything is always so vague.

She explained: ''Russian is amazing and very strange. Italy is best for holidays.

''Working in Italy can be quite hard because they don't have schedules - we arrive at TV shows and they're like, 'We're not sure when you're on, could be a minute, could be an hour.' We were on their equivalent of 'The Voice' and the timing was determined by whenever the judge decided the time was right. We waited five hours!''