Clean Bandit don't want a regular singer because they don't want their songs to ''sound the same''.

The 'Rockabye' hitmakers have had Jess Glynne, Anne-Marie and Louisa Johnson on lead vocals of some of their biggest hits and wouldn't want to recruit the same voice for every song in fear of losing creative freedom.

Asked if one of the band could become the singer, band member Jack Patterson told BANG Showbiz: ''It would make it easier, for sure. To begin with we had a permanent singer, it would make it easier but then I think it would limit us because then all our songs would sound the same.

And cellist Grace Chatto added: ''To work with different singers gives us creative freedom because we can experiment with different sounds on every song.''

Clean Bandit's next record could be with us early next year, but Grace says they are still desperately searching for singers to contribute.

Asked when fans can expect the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to 2014's 'New Eyes', Grace said: ''Next year, that's starting to be more realistic. Early next year we think, but we do need to find a lot of singers!''

Last week, Busted rocked 30,000 fans at the MTV Crashes Plymouth live music event.

Highlights of their performance and sets from Charli XCX, Louisa Johnson, Clean Bandit and Sigma can be seen on MTV Music on Friday 11 August at 8pm.