Clean Bandit have cancelled their upcoming US tour due to Luke Patterson's ongoing medical problems with his foot.

The 'Rather Be' drummer - who is part of electronic trio with brother Jack, and Grace Chatto - has been suffering ''for the last few years'' with the injury, and after trying to find a solution to the issue it has been decided he will need surgery to fix it.

Taking to the band's official Twitter account, he wrote: ''So, some of you might know that I've had this problem with my foot for the last few years.

''I've tried all sorts of methods to fix it (ice bucket, special trainers etc.) but the time has now come for me to have surgery so it can be fixed! I'm going to be fine, but unfortunately it means that we will have to cancel our upcoming US tour.''

Luke apologised to the group's fans for having to pull out of the shows, but promised that they would be using the time to continue to work on their new material

He added: ''I'm so sorry that this is the case. We were all so excited to come out and see you!

''However, we'll be using this time to perfect all these banging new tunes that we've been working on so that once I'm better we can come and play them to you! Thanks for all the support and understanding.''

On the subject of their upcoming new LP - the follow-up to 2014's 'New Eyes' - Grace previously revealed it will be ''more serious'' than their debut effort.

She explained: ''I think the first album was a lot more light-hearted. While our second album, with the lyrics anyway, are more serious.

''Some of them are about breaking up, like 'I Miss You' and 'Tears', which will both be on the album. The music is still quite dancey.''