Clean Bandit are being cautious with their money despite their chart success.

The electronic music group - which consists of Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson - have enjoyed some impressive chart success over recent years, with hits such as 'Rather be' and 'Rockabye', but Grace has admitted she is still struggling to buy herself a one-bedroom flat in London.

She said: ''We haven't earned that much cash yet. I hope to buy a flat soon, but the music industry try isn't what it was.

''Having three No1s doesn't get you that far with the way things are, especially in London.''

Clean Bandit have previously worked with a host of well-known acts, including the likes of Anne-Marie, Louisa Johnson and Sean Paul.

And Grace has revealed she's keen to work with Anne-Marie again in the near future.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We always have 'Should've Known Better', a beautiful song. Anne-Marie's voice sounds great.

''We made it before 'Rockabye' and it's called 'Should've Known Better' - it is completely different. It is much more stripped back in the verses and more fast, almost drum'n'bass feel, in the chorus.''

Meanwhile, Grace recently revealed that the group's upcoming album will be ''more serious'' than their debut effort.

Despite this, she promised that their next release will still have a ''dancey'' sound.

She explained: ''I think the first album was a lot more light-hearted. While our second album, with the lyrics anyway, are more serious.

''Some of them are about breaking up, like 'I Miss You' and 'Tears', which will both be on the album. The music is still quite dancey.''