Argo star Clea DuVall has sparked rumours about her sexuality after she was snapped kissing a female pal in a Los Angeles park on Sunday (20Jan13).

The actress has never publicly commented on her sexual orientation, but in new pictures obtained by, DuVall can be seen laughing, chatting and making out with an unidentified friend on a picnic blanket.

The pair, clad in matching denim jackets, then walked off arm-and-arm and left in the same car.

The 35 year old has yet to address the photographs, however she has played a number of gay or bisexual characters onscreen, including parts in American Horror Story: Asylum, Saving Grace and comedic drama But I'm A Cheerleader.

She also previously told New York Magazine she wasn't worried about being typecast as a lesbian after taking a slew of similar roles: "There was a stigma playing gay characters before that there just isn't now. When I started acting in the early nineties, that was a bigger consideration, but now it doesn't feel like that much of a big deal.

"You look at how many gay characters are on television and in movies and actors just aren't afraid to do that any more. I think because there are more of those roles, the fear and the novelty of it have kind of gone away."