AMERICAN IDOL star Clay Aiken has revealed in a new book that he was an unwanted child who was born with a collapsed lung.

The red-headed singer, who has become a phenomenon in his native America, has penned a new tome, called LEARNING TO SING, in which he details the truth about his birth in 1978.

He writes, "After I was delivered, I was immediately put on a respirator, and a tube was inserted into my chest to help me breathe.

"My mother wept. My birth father, VERNON, left the hospital and went to the parking garage to get drunk.

"When I was a bit older, my mother confessed to me that she had not especially wanted a child. She knew my daddy was an alcoholic, knew also what happened after he drank too much, when he got angry and decided she was the reason for his pain."

11/11/2004 09:13