The nine former Clay Aiken fans who filed a Federal Trading Commission complaint about being duped by the singer's sexuality have turned their attention to American Idol judge Simon Cowell. Cowell ridiculed the nine women for their actions on a recent LARRY KING LIVE show on US network CNN after they went public, demanding reimbursement for monies spent on Aiken's albums and merchandise prior to recent tabloid stories circulating about his homosexuality. The American Idol judge told King, "You hear the lawsuits... that he pretended to be straight or something. I mean it's just crazy." His comments have fired up the nine women suing Aiken's handlers. In a statement, they write, "We are grateful that the merits of our complaint will be heard by the FTC instead of a pretend judge from a televised talent show." The group is also keen to distance itself from claims it is homophobic. They add, "We have been dismayed to see our complaint characterised in the media as homophobic. That is not our intention and while central to our complaint it is regrettable that Mr Aiken's sexuality has come under scrutiny. "Our complaint is not about defaming Mr Aiken or his sexual preferences. It is directed toward the deceptive practices of the record companies." The nine former fans of Clay Aiken, listing themselves as aggrieved consumers, filed a FTC complaint on 17 February (06) against recording companies RCA and Sony/BMG for false advertising and misrepresentation in the marketing and promotion of Aiken.