Claudia Schiffer is reportedly being sued after she allegedly had her neighbour's trees cut down.

The 45-year-old model has been caught up in a bitter legal battle after she allegedly hired a specialist to chop down the chunky plants because they were ''blocking her view.''

Willi Weber - who is the former manager of Formula 1 ace Michael Schumacher - has taken action against Claudia and her husband Matthew Vaughn because he believes their gardener trespassed on his land in Mallorca, Spain, despite a warning in place, and chopped down the 30ft-tall trees with a chainsaw before taking the evidence with him last July.

According to the local newspaper Diario de Mallorca, the couple's staff gardener has already been quizzed by a judge and an ongoing investigation into allegations of trespass, misappropriation and a crime against the environment is currently taking place.

A court official in Palma said: ''Palma's Court of Investigation Number Eight has proceedings in this case open.''

Meanwhile, Mr Weber claimed earlier this year that he received an apology from Claudia's husband Matthew.

He said at the time: ''Matthew Vaughn apologised to me and said what had happened was an accident and they thought the trees were on their plot.''

Mr Weber then went onto say that he was planning to build a high wall between his home and the couple's plush mansion next door and would invoice them for the work.

He added to Bild am Sonntag: ''Otherwise I will plant so many trees that they can only smell the sea.''