Claudia Schiffer wants to go back in time and live in the seventies.

The 47-year-old model has admitted even though she was born in 1970 she felt she was ''too young'' to enjoy the era, and if she could be transported to another decade she would want it to be the time of the hippies because she loves the style of that time. Speaking to New York Magazine's The Cut Online, the blonde-haired beauty said: ''The 70s. I was born then but was too young to really enjoy the style.

''My mother and her friends looked so cool in their high-waisted jeans and blue eyeshadow, and my style now is very influenced by those memories. And the '80s any day.''

And the star has revealed her favourite trend at the moment is ''a mixture'' of seventies and eighties style, and she particularly loves ''slouchy suede boots'' .

She continued: ''A mixture of '70s and '80s. Slouchy suede boots and oversize sweatshirts.''

Even though the catwalk icon still likes to wear oversized clothing, she has admitted that over the years she has become more aware of what garments suit her and doesn't need to experiment as much with her outfits.

She explained: ''Everything I wore in the '80s was oversize, including tops. I also tried out dozens of clothes in front of the mirror, whereas now I know what I like to wear.''

And it is not only Claudia's style that is minimal, as she has revealed her beauty regime is very simple as she prefers to opt for a ''no make-up make-up'' look, which takes her ''five minutes'' to complete.

She explained: ''No-make-up make-up. The five-minute beauty look from my range looks like me without makeup but better, so why wear none? I just add a touch of bronzer, curl my lashes, add some lip and cheek tint to get that ''just ran around the block'' flushed look and a pair of sunglasses, and I'm ready.''

But the fashion icon will be more adventurous with her nails as she will ''always'' wear a bright shade of polish.

She said: '' Always a bright colour -- for me it's like wearing another fashion accessory even if I'm just in a T-shirt and jeans. At the moment I'm wearing the Kingsman scarlet or the orangey-red Popsicle shade from my own range.''