Claire Richards has vocal physiotherapy before Steps go on tour.

The 40-year-old singer - who is joined by Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, Ian 'H' Watkins and Lee Latchford-Evans in the group - makes sure her voice is on top form by undergoing sessions to massage stiff areas around the vocal cord area.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''I go to a place called PhysioEdge and I have vocal physio where they treat that whole vocal area and the muscles in the neck.

''I try and have that as much as possible.

''It really helps, that's probably the weirdest thing I do.

''We always do steam and drink weird drinks and stuff.''

The 'Tragedy' singer says she would never go to the extreme lengths Take That's Gary Barlow goes to, by sitting in a tank chilled to subzero temperatures.

Asked if she would try cryotherapy, she said: ''I don't know if I'd want to try one of those icy chambers, sounds so painful.''

The latest celebrity craze is a weight-loss technique, which involves standing in a freezing tank for three minutes in order to burn calories.

Gary, 47, was inspired by Real Madrid football champion Cristiano Ronaldo to try it out, and he admitted being inside the icy tanks was a ''horrific'' experience.

He said: ''Someone said to me, it was probably my son, that Ronaldo never goes on the pitch unless he's had a cryo.

''The problem is I am so gullible, I believe all this. So the next minute I thought, 'I'm going to have a bit of that'. It was horrible. I am used to ice baths - I do those every week.

''They do make me feel really good as it gets the blood rushing. But this cryo chamber was horrific.''

The 'Chain Reaction' hitmakers head out on the 'Summer of Steps Tour' next month, kicking off on May 26 at the LCI Rail Stadium in Cheltenham.

They'll be joined on the road by Blue, Aqua and 'X Factor' winner Sara Aalto.