British singer Claire Richards allowed Tv cameras to film her as she underwent Botox treatments as part of a new U.K. Tv show about cosmetic surgery.

The former Steps star consulted health experts in a bid to stop her onstage sweating problem, and decided to undergo the procedure.

She was filmed for new Sky Living show Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me, and admits the treatments "really hurt".

Richards is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror as saying, "Someone told me once that if you had Botox under your arms it just made the sweat come out somewhere else but Dr Khan allayed my fears.

"I have to admit, it really hurt and I was trying not to pull too many faces... what a glamorous life we celebs have. But now I'm going to be glowing - not sweating."

Actress Stephanie Beacham and singer Linda Nolan also feature on the series, which debuts in the U.K. on Thursday (07Feb13).