Claire Foy wants a pair of Doc Marten brogues for Christmas.

The 33-year-old actress has admitted she is desperate to get her hands on a pair of the ''plain old black shoes'' and is hoping the product is waiting for her under her Christmas tree this year, although she will also be happy with a pair of socks and a candle if she doesn't get the desired present.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about the items on her wish list, she said: ''A pair of Doc Marten brogues. Plain old black shoes I can wear with everything, but if in doubt, some socks and a candle.''

But the 'The Crown' star has admitted she ''loves'' buying presents for to her people and prefers to give gifts over the festive period than receive them.

She explained: ''I have been told I've got a problem because I love buying presents so much. I'd rather give them than receive. I love loving people; I love giving them things, I think it makes people feel quite uncomfortable, though.''

The star has revealed there will be ''lots of dancing'' in her home this Yuletide.

She explained: ''There'll be lots of dancing and being silly and having deep and meaningful chats. And ultimately, someone ends up crying because we end up talking about all sorts and having far too much cheese and wine.

''I mainly just sit at the piano and play the same film score over and over again; the people I like with are like 'Shut up!' But there will definitely be a bit of 'The Holly and the Ivy' round the piano.''

And Claire ''can't wait'' to welcome in the New Year.

She said: ''I love Christmas. I am really excited in general about life and absolutely terrified, but I am absolutely amazed of what we are capable of doing. I can't wait to see what happens next year.''