Claire Foy, the 26-year-old British actress best known for starring in a number of television serial dramas including 'Little Dorrit', says she was shocked at landing a role alongside NICHOLAS CAGE in the recently released medieval thriller 'Season of the Witch', reports the UK's Daily Mail. The movie, which hands Foy her first major film role, follows a group of knights who return to their homeland after it is ruined by the Black Plague.
Foy garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews for her role as 'Amy' in 'Little Dorrit, but admits that she still believed a role alongside Cage was out of the question, saying, "When we had the first official screening of Little Dorrit I had just done my first audition for Season of the Witch and I said to Matthew MACfadyen, 'I am up for this Hollywood film starring Nicolas Cage and that's just never going to happen'". However, the 26-year-old said she received the good news several days later and was filming on location in Hungary within a matter of weeks. The actress was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and took a drama and film studies course at Liverpool University before being accepted to the Oxford School of Drama.
'Season of the Witch' opened in the US on 7th January 2011, however, it has so far received generally negative reviews, with noting, "the plot is so preposterous that it boggles the mind. Nothing that happens makes any sense, even if you suspend the need for internal logic".