Claire Foy is still dealing with ''the same old crap'' despite her recent success.

The award-winning actress - who is best-known for her acclaimed performance in the Netflix series 'The Crown' - has revealed that contrary to her expectations, success hasn't made her life any easier.

She shared: ''I never thought I'd be in something as successful as 'The Crown'. And when you realise what success brings, and what people think about success...

''We laud success so much, and think that if you're successful you're special. When no, ultimately. Maybe it changes some people. But what I found really disconcerting was that it hadn't changed me at all. Ultimately, all the same old crap is going on.''

Claire, 34 - who has a three-year-old daughter called Ivy Rose - explained that in spite of the fame and fortune that's come her way over recent years, her problems have not disappeared.

However, the actress insisted she's learned to contextualise the different aspects of her life, saying she's now ready to ''take care'' of herself.

She told the Guardian newspaper: ''All your s**t - and everybody has s**t - it doesn't go away. It's still there, but I guess I don't believe it so much any more. I used to think that this was my lot in life, to be anxious. And that I would struggle and struggle and struggle with it, and that it would make me quite miserable, and that I'd always be restricted.

''But now I'm able to disassociate myself from it more. I know that it's just something I have - and that I can take care of myself.''