Claire Foy thinks there was an ''element of lunacy'' in her signing up for 'The Girl in the Spider's Web'.

The 'Crown' actress portrays late novellist Steig Larsson's hacker character Lisbeth Salander - a role that has previously been played by Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara - in the upcoming film, and she admitted she was aware there are huge ''expectations'' surrounding her portrayal.

She said: ''There's an element of lunacy about wanting to take it on, in a way. I can't shy away from the fact that I have willingly taken on a part where there's an expectation.''

The movie is based on the fourth book in the series - which was written by David Lagercrantz following Larsson's death - and the 34-year-old actress was fascinated by the parallels between the story and the break out of the #MeToo movement.

She added: ''It was very interesting making it and that happened. I would be going to meetings and then be going, 'Look at the film I'm making. The character I'm playing - crikey.'

''This character came out of Steig Larsson wanting to right a wrong, and investigate this girl who has been the victim of abuse in quite an extreme way. He always knew that, the world already knew it, and now it's finally being spoken about.''

The movie also looks at the relationship between Lisbeth and her sister Camilla, who is played by Sylvia Hoeks.

Claire explained to Total Film magazine: ''They've both been through something so traumatic and life-changing. They loved each other deeply and then suddenly, that got ripped away. In any family, when trauma happens, it's how people cope in that moment that defines how the future will be.''