Claire Foy admits she'll never ''master'' an American accent.

The English actress was forced to adopt an American accent for her starring role in the new drama movie 'First Man' - which tells the story of NASA's mission to land a man on the moon - but Claire has confessed she continues to find it a struggle.

She shared: ''It doesn't come easy; it's definitely a lot of work. And I will never master it. That's the thing - I'll never do a perfect American accent. You have to accept that that's part of the flaw of acting.''

Claire, 34, has tried diligently to perfect the accent, but ultimately, she doesn't believe moviegoers will be too fussed about it.

She told Yahoo!: ''You can try and try and try, but ultimately you have to hope in the end that the perfection of something is not why people watch films. They want to be moved by the emotion and to see real people, as opposed to someone doing a perfect impression of someone else.

''So I did all the work that was humanly possible, but then you have to accept that you're never going to reach perfection.''

Meanwhile, Claire recently admitted that despite emerging as one of the world's most in-demand actresses, her new-found wealth and success hasn't cured her problems.

The award-winning actress - who starred in the Netflix series 'The Crown' - revealed that contrary to her expectations, success hasn't made her life any easier.

She said: ''I never thought I'd be in something as successful as 'The Crown'. And when you realise what success brings, and what people think about success...

''We laud success so much, and think that if you're successful you're special. When no, ultimately. Maybe it changes some people. But what I found really disconcerting was that it hadn't changed me at all. Ultimately, all the same old crap is going on.''